about us

Gail Jackson (Aka Diva) is a native of Miami Florida which now resides in Atlanta Georgia. She is an entrepreneur, Pastor/Elder, spiritual counselor, mother and owner of Glam Up LLC. She has always had a love for fashion since she was a little girl. The desire to  start an online boutique came through a passion of always wanting to be glamorous and feel good on the inside. The business was started with no formal education only an experience to always look like you are going somewhere. This is a gift from God. Her motto is to not let anything or anyone get in the way of purpose which is to encourage others to live, love, laugh and look glamorous and to always have Faith in God!!

Although there are numerous online boutiques, what makes GlamUP different is the joy we get in seeing you happy when you wear our products because we choose them in Love.
Look for trendy, vibrant and beautiful clothing and accessories in 2017.

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